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Product Details

Anti Lost Smart Bluetooth Tracker GPS Locator

Suppose you are among those who always lost things. During your brunch to meet many people, you suddenly forgot the car key, and this type of problem is faced by you every time. We often lose things on our couch but search the whole house to find the object.

It is the worst feeling knowing the things which you had in your hand lost within no second. So if you are worried about this problem, then no need to worry about it as with the anti-lost smart Bluetooth tracker, you can easily find your object.

These small devices you can easily find you belong to, such as keys, pets, purse, phone, and more, can easily find your misplaced thing.

What is an Anti-lost smart Bluetooth tracker?

It is a small device that needs to attach to the essential things you want to save from getting lost, and this allows you to track its location when they get misplaced.

Through this, you will get the stable mind state that you’ll always get to search the essential items even when they are below your couch.

During an event when you lost your keys, phones, or wallets but find it challenging to get it, so with the anti-lost smart Bluetooth tracker GPS locator, you can quickly get your device when the smart product is attached to your lost devices.

Anti-lost Alarm Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Child Bag Wallet Key Finder BLT Locator anti lost alarm itag

Features of iTag Anti-lost Blue Tooth Tracker


With the smart Bluetooth anti-lost tracker, it tracks out the items’ location, which can be anything starting from your pet dogs, smartphones, bag, keys, and many more.

Easy to install

With the iTag Anti-lost Bluetooth tracker, by downloading the iSearching app on your smart device, you can get connected to the lost item in a minute.

Multi Tracker connection

With a smartphone, you can easily connect with eight anti-lost smart Bluetooth trackers to provide you with ultra convenience.

Battery life

The Bluetooth 4.0 technology helps to last the device for six months on a stand by mode.

Specifications of Smart Bluetooth Anti-Lost Tracker:

Bluetooth Version- it has the technology of Bluetooth 4.0

Compatibility: The compatibility of the device is mostly android and IOS devices.

Battery: It consists of the CR2032 Lithium coin battery.

Distance: It works with a distance of 75 feet

Colors: It comes in various colors such as black, green, white, pink, and blue.

Net weight– The net weight of the smart Bluetooth is 9g

Suitable– The iTag Anti-lost Bluetooth tracker works best with smartphones, keys, wallets, pets, suitcases, bags, and more.

App- The mobile app used for searching is iSearching.

Anti-lost Alarm Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Child Bag Wallet Key Finder BLT Locator anti lost alarm itag

These are the few specifications of the smart Bluetooth tracker to get your lost device without getting worried. Buy anti-lost Bluetooth tracker, which helps you track the lost devices through easy steps to track every device. And Buy a Gravity Car Phone Holder for your phone that makes use of it easy when you are driving the car.

Even you can find your pet by attaching the device on your pet collar, and you can easily find them, with such a way the anti-lost Bluetooth tracker helps. For the ones who quickly forgot their belongings, it works best for them, providing the feature of tracking your lost item through the iApp.


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