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Product Details
Product Details

Buy Gravity Phone Holder for a Better Experience in Driving

A right gravity car phone holder is an essential thing to have in your car. The arm clamp in the phone gravity holds quickly, releasing and locking the phone. It enables a safe and simple technique of making a call. It also helps in better navigation.

2020 New One Universal Car Phone Holder GPS Stand Gravity Stand For Phone in Car Stand No Magnetic For iPhone X 8 Xiaomi Support

It is designed so that it is easier to operate the phone with one hand. It is built to provide safety to your device while you are driving. It holds the phone so you can easily use it for any important things during your driving. It does not cause any harm to your phone.

You can hold your phone with Gravity Car Phone Holder and charge it with Magnetic USB Fast Charging Micro cable that prevents damage to your smartphone.

The gravity car phone mount is a solution to enhance your driving experience.

Product Details of Gravity Stand Car Phone Mount

🚘 Single hand operation

The gravity stand car phone mount has the mechanical gravity design of linkage to lock and release the phone efficiently, providing the phone’s operation through a single hand.

🚘 Rotatable and adjustable

The gravity car phone mount rotates in 360-degree directions through the rotatable ball. It helps to adjust your phone to any direction to provide an optimal hand-free navigation view.

It also provides the great uses of enjoying the music during your drive, and without worrying about the blockage of driving view, you can easily enjoy the driving even if during the call.

The rotatable ball present in the car mount works perfectly even with the car air vents, even at the vertical and horizontal positions. Since the gravity car phone holder works to hold the phone, therefore to adjust the wait, it is instructed to place the phone vertically.

2020 New One Universal Car Phone Holder GPS Stand Gravity Stand For Phone in Car Stand No Magnetic For iPhone X 8 Xiaomi Support

🚘 Shock adjustable design

The contact surface between the bracket and mobile phone has a superior shock absorption design.

This automatically controls the height of the pop-up while keeping the thickness of the phone. It clamps the phone quickly and smoothly when your vehicle runs over a speed bumper.

🚘 Broad compatibility

The compatibility of any phone includes Samsung galaxy, Huawei, Blackview, Xiaomi, Sony, Nokia, and other device sizes ranging between 4.7 inches to 6.5 inches.

🚘 Friendly Design

The holder’s arms are made with soft silicone pads and silicone clips to protect your device and vent from scratch.

The reserved port for charging enables it to plug the cable charging with the phone, even when attached to any phone holder. Through the car mount in your car, you don’t need to worry about the power off or on.

Therefore, buy a gravity car phone holder which provides to mount and remove your phone quickly, the single-hand use makes it more suitable to use it during your driving.

Gravity Car Phone Holder

We are mostly worried about navigating the direction while traveling to any new place; therefore, this has been easier to use through the gravity car phone holder and helps you land in the exact location.

It also removes the issue of blocking the view while driving ads through the gravity phone holder. You can easily use the calling features. So, hurry up and buy the gravity car holder for a better driving experience.


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